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And a good time was had by all….Houston Horizon produced our annual show on Sat, June 22 at Memorial Church of Christ.  We had storybook characters, hippies, Christmas hippies and folks from the 1940s on the risers listening to Alexa, Siri and Cortana.  Did you know…they can talk to each other?  It made for some hilarious moments!  Our Silent Auction was a success and everyone enjoyed the Sweet Shop.  Many thanks to Kathy Railey and company for producing fun and laughter for our beloved audience.  Next big performance for HHC….International Competition in New Orleans, LA!

New Orleans is on the horizon for Houston Horizon these days.  We are working hard preparing our song set for international competition but before we arrive on the international stage, we got to sing with our fellow competitors, Acapella Unlimited, Essence and The Ladies, at Summer Regional Meeting, singing on our annual Good Time Show on June 22, singing and coaching with Betty Clipman and Ruth Ann Parker and singing and polishing our contest set at our annual Galveston retreat, with Lynda Keever.  A full summer of singing and preparing for international competition!  New Orleans, here we come!!! 

Lynda Keever, what can we say?!?  After spending more time than she really wanted working her way to us (all that rain...sigh!), we spent an AMAZING Saturday with her coaching and working our songs for New Orleans.  We made a few changes to some things but mostly we spent our time fixing the things that she heard that weren't quite up to snuff yet.  It was a lot of work but we also did a lot of laughing too!  She's coming back to us in August and we're so looking forward to that!  Thanks to Lynda for keeping us on our toes, on pitch and on track for New Orleans! 

Becky was here and it was FABULOUS!!!  Becky Ballagh came to chorus rehearsal recently to work with us on our visual plan for our contest uptune.  We had a great evening working on not only choreography but also facial expressions, whole body involvement and new terminology.  Things like starburst, tickling the ivories, plinkety plinking, etc.  We worked hard but laughed alot along the way.  In addition, we inducted some new members who you will get to meet at our annual show in June!  Check our website for information on that show and where to get tickets.  In the meantime, we'll be back on the risers every Tuesday working on our new visual plan on our way to New Orleans in September!  

We came, we sang, we Regional Contest this year!  The chorus arrived, like most of the competitors, at the Greenspoint Hilton, in time to watch our quartets, Mama Made Me Duet and Reunion Street, compete in the quartet contest.  Congratulations to Mama Made Me Duet on their 4th place finish!  We are so proud of you!!  On a much sadder note, after 20 years, our beloved Reunion Street has announced that they are retiring as Vicki Wyont is retiring and moving to Oklahoma.  They will be very much missed!  Our bow-out performance was much enjoyed by the crowd while we had a great time performing for the Region.  Congratulations to Essence, our new regional quartet champions and to the Woodlands Show Chorus as they became our new regional chorus champs!  All in all, a great

Saturday, February 23, 2019 - an auspicious day for Houston Horizon. Our amazing coach, Ruth Ann Parker, spent the day working with us on preparing us for representing Region 10 at International Competition this coming September. What a treat to spend the day learning and singing with Ruth Ann to encourage, teach, exhort, yell, make us sing it again and again and just make us better singers. Thanks for all your encouragement, Ruth Ann!

Houston Horizon had the fabulous Janie Macchiaroli come and do riser placement this past Tuesday. A fascinating process to see how different voices in different places make the sound change completely. We're thrilled with our new spots and cannot wait to share the sound with our Region 10 friends at Regional Contest and then in September at International Competition in New Orleans. Will you be there to cheer us on?

Tuesday, January 22, HHC had some visitors from our region.  Kaye Pledge, Team Coordinator, and Mary Ann Wydra, Education Faculty, came for a visit and we had a great time!  Kaye was there to help us understand what HHC members might need from their region as well as answer any questions about the region that chorus members might have.  Mary Ann spent her time with us coaching us on our songs that are planned for singing at International Competition in New Orleans later in 2019.  She was great and would not let us get away with anything when it came to singing a great set!!  What a treat having both of these ladies come for a visit and to encourage us on our way to New Orleans!  

Christmas from the 1940's came from the studios of Radio K-H-H-C during the chorus annual Christmas show.  Everyone dressed in their best 1940's Christmas outfits, including our Christmas chorus members!  We had the Andrews Sisters quartet, the Mama Made Me Duet quartet and our guest quartet, S.L.E.D. entertain our audience also.  Radio commercials, cue cards, a reading of the Night Before Christmas and the next segment of Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories, along with our hilarious sound effects team allowed our audience to relive the 1940's in all it's Christmas glory! 

HHC competed in the second annual Rice Village Sing-Off for the Rice Village Christmas Tree lighting on Nov 28th.  Even though we didn't win the competition, we did make it to the final round and received lots of compliments from the crowd that was there.  The winners were from Rice University, the Philharmonics, and we were delighted for them.  A huge Christmas tree, snow (something we don't see very often in Houston) and Luke Pell, from the Bachelor, as host made for a fun evening for everyone.