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In our last installment Houston Horizon had taken a huge step on our road to Vegas 2017! Last week we took another great, and groovy, step on that road. 

When HHC had our coaching session with Ryan we learned alot of amazing things we have continued to build on. The Peace, Love and Harmony show was a great opportunity for us to work on giving everything to an audience when we perform. Not only did we go into it with a continued sense of greater unity and focus but the event itself was truly wonderful.

Two weeks ago Houston Horizon Chorus took another great step on our journey to Vegas. We had an amazing opportunity to grow and learn when the wonderful Ryan Heller came to visit for a coaching session. From the moment we gathered on the risers for our first warm ups to the final note of rehearsal you could feel the focus and unified determination in the room. 

Ryan took that feeling and determination and used his incredible knowledge and skill to take us to a level of performance a chorus can usually only strive for. And then he taught us how to do it at will. He showed us how the smallest nuances of technique combine with our passion to make each note draw in the crowd and every chord ring.

The Garage Sale was a great success! It might become an annual event. Keep coming back to the website for more information.

Houston Horzion Chorus will be having a garage sale on November 5th - there will be items from over 50 families!! Lots of great things at great prices. Please come  out and support the chorus by shopping! See the flyer below for more details..