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Carol Karna's blog

After 3 long years of not being able to have a regional contest, due to the pandemic, we finally held one, and oh what a joy it was to be able to compete; singing and seeing all of our friends again! Starting with the quartet competition, we watched our 3 quartets sing and all of them received a medal! Congratulations to Live it Up, our silver medalists, followed by Momentum, our 4th place medalist, and Mama Made Me Duet who took 5th place! We are so proud of all of you! Our chorus received the silver medal, and we are very happy and proud! Congratulations to Saving Grace, our new regional quartet champions and to Alamo Metro Chorus as they became our regional chorus champs!

Houston Horizon had a FANTASTIC retreat at Moody Gardens Hotel recently, with energetic and enthusiastic coaching from Ryan Heller and Janet Burnett! It was so wonderful to sing, laugh, move and celebrate together again. We worked on our voices, body placement, sound and craft. We also worked on our core values, sharing thoughts and plans for the next year (and more)! Big thanks to Karla Fenton for making all of the logistics happen for the chorus and live feed. We had an afterglow party with the 80s! -- crimped hair and neon colors! We are double celebrating with our 40th anniversary party coming up on October 9th. See our website for details. Come celebrate with us!

Houston Horizon keeps trying but Mother Nature is NOT cooperating!  She has now rained out 2 hybrid rehearsals BUT we are not going to let her defeat us!!  We will try again and we will also try having a hybrid rehearsal at an indoor location!!  Of course, the indoor location will have us all socially distanced with everyone making their own decision about a mask.  The best part is that we'll be able to sing together with so many more people and we cannot wait to see singing sisters that we've only seen on Zoom for the last 15 months!  Woo Hoo!!!

Houston Horizon has recently had some visitors join our virtual rehearsals and we are delighted to have them!  And the most exciting part is that we are looking forward to adding a new member to our ranks!!!  Here's the hard part about this, we don't get to hug on their necks....yet!  So looking forward to the day get to see each other in person!  In the meantime, we are getting ready for our chorus garage sale on May 1.  For more information on that, contact your favorite HHC member!  And whether we are meeting virtually or in real life, keep the music ringing in your heart!

HHC has been rehearsing, via Zoom, for a year now. Who would have ever thought, all those long months ago that we would STILL not be singing together on the risers, sigh! But all has not been lost! In the last year, we have learned new music, tried singing, in real time, Happy Birthday to our director (we think she is still laughing over that one), learned how to maintain vocal health during all this time, put together a virtual show to share with our family & friends, did a variety of fundraisers, celebrated a variety of things in addition to birthdays, had our first successful hybrid rehearsal plus lots of other items on our schedule. When you look back on it, we did have a busy year, in spite of not being face to face with each other. But we are all looking forward to the day whe

We did it! We had our first hybrid rehearsal and it was great! There were about 15-17 of us who gathered at a chorus member's home to sing live for the first time since March of 2019! It felt so good hearing live music and we cannot wait to do it again! In addition to those of us singing live, we had about a dozen chorus members who joined us via Zoom. Here's hoping that they will be able to come and sing live with us next time.

What a special treat to have had Kathleen Hansen join us at rehearsal! Kathleen is the Artistic Director of the San Diego Women's Chorus and the Master Director of the San Diego Chorus of Sweet Adelines. She is very talented and we are very grateful to have had her share some of her knowlege with us. We learned a lot about our personal voice and how to use our voice to become more singer driven. Looking forward to having Kathleen back again in 2021!

Our rehearsals continue with installation of our new management team, awards to various members, learning more new music and on June 16th, we had a number of friends/singers from other choruses in the region join us for rehearsal!  It was so much fun seeing faces that we've not seen since last fall's regional meeting!  We worked on learning one of the new regional songs, The Voice of Harmony AND we invited those folks to join us again on June 30 to learn and sing and laugh and have a great time Zooming rehearsal together!  "See" you all at the Virtual Summer Education sessions!!