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Karla Fenton's blog

Hello, everyone! Hope you are staying cool and dry these days. Boy, we don’t remember it being this hot, this early in the summer in a long time. Well, HHC has been busy over the last month. We held our annual installation ceremony, virtually, on May 18. Emily Lapouble, was the one who did our installation and she did a beautiful job! She had a musical dynamic markings that she matched with each of the Management Team members. It was a wonderful moment in the life of Houston Horizon. In addition to the awards talked about in the next paragraph, we also have some awards that this year required some subterfuge!

Congratulations to Reunion Street for their 7th place showing at Regional contest!  Houston Horizon is very proud of their accomplishment and are especially proud that they are members of our chorus!  In addition, congratulations to CAT 4 for surviving their very first Regional contest experience without fainting or falling off the stage!  We are all looking forward to both quartets competing again next year!  

We DID IT!!!!!  We won our Region 10 Regional Chorus Contest this past weekend and we are over the moon about it!  AND not only did we win the overall contest, we also won first place medals in the mid-size chorus category!  For most of us chorus members, we've never won 2 medals in one contest before....what an accomplishment!!!  And on the same weekend that the Texas A&M Aggies ousted North Carolina in the NCAA tourney!  A GREAT weekend for Texas!  Congratulations to Region 10 for an amazing set of contests, congratulations to The Ladies for their win in the quartet  contest and congratulations to Laura Degraw for making our very first ever Region 10 contest webcast so fabulous for our viewers!  

Houston Horizon is off to Region 10's regional contest this weekend and we cannot wait to share the stage with all of our sisters in song!  Most of all we are looking forward to sharing ourselves with the Region and gaining insight from those judges' comments on the scoresheets.  Last night's rehearsal had us cheering on 2 of our own quartets as well as friends from the Woodlands Show Chorus.  What a great night!  Singing, dancing, rehearsing ALL of the pieces that make up our contest set!  Here we go, Houston Horizon!  Can't wait to see what is on the Horizon!!!   

Sat, March 3 – 30+ members of HHC sang the National Anthem for a huge crowd of Texas A&M basketball supporters.  This was the first time a live singing ensemble had sung for an A&M crowd and they loved it!  Compliments about the great singing came from folks every time they saw a chorus member.  The game also honored seniors on the team as well as Dave South for all of his years of being the voice of Aggieland on the radio.  Here’s hoping we get to sing there again!  Oh, by the way, the Aggies won!!

We are so excited to be heading to Las Vegas in a few short weeks! We performed for the Great Gulf Coast Region 10 this last weekend at the Fall Regional Meeting that was held in Houston. It was a great weeekend getting together with our singing sisters. Then on Sunday afternoon, we performed with the choruses and quartets from the Houston Area in the Barbershop Harmony Society, that are getting ready to go to their District Contest the weekend before our Las Vegas contest! So it is contest time all around.

If you are a fan and aren't going to be in Las Vegas for our contest, you can catch the Webcast - go to for more information.

In our last installment Houston Horizon had taken a huge step on our road to Vegas 2017! Last week we took another great, and groovy, step on that road. 

When HHC had our coaching session with Ryan we learned alot of amazing things we have continued to build on. The Peace, Love and Harmony show was a great opportunity for us to work on giving everything to an audience when we perform. Not only did we go into it with a continued sense of greater unity and focus but the event itself was truly wonderful.

Two weeks ago Houston Horizon Chorus took another great step on our journey to Vegas. We had an amazing opportunity to grow and learn when the wonderful Ryan Heller came to visit for a coaching session. From the moment we gathered on the risers for our first warm ups to the final note of rehearsal you could feel the focus and unified determination in the room. 

Ryan took that feeling and determination and used his incredible knowledge and skill to take us to a level of performance a chorus can usually only strive for. And then he taught us how to do it at will. He showed us how the smallest nuances of technique combine with our passion to make each note draw in the crowd and every chord ring.

The Garage Sale was a great success! It might become an annual event. Keep coming back to the website for more information.

Houston Horzion Chorus will be having a garage sale on November 5th - there will be items from over 50 families!! Lots of great things at great prices. Please come  out and support the chorus by shopping! See the flyer below for more details..