June 10th - Peace Love & Harmony Show

In our last installment Houston Horizon had taken a huge step on our road to Vegas 2017! Last week we took another great, and groovy, step on that road. 

When HHC had our coaching session with Ryan we learned alot of amazing things we have continued to build on. The Peace, Love and Harmony show was a great opportunity for us to work on giving everything to an audience when we perform. Not only did we go into it with a continued sense of greater unity and focus but the event itself was truly wonderful.

Once we got into our venue that had been decorated in a truly groovy fashion it was really time to get going. As we warmed up you could feel the excitement in the air. We were there in our element looking absolutely fabulous and totally submerged in the Peace, Love and Harmony theme.

As people began to filter in, you could feel their see and excitement start to build as they saw our amazing decorations and wonderfully laid out auction and sweetshop. The costumes we fabulously groovy with our awesome tiedye shirts and everyone's groovy accessories.

Once the concert began it was a truly great experience. The audience was so close to us you could feel their every reaction to each song and line of dialogue. From the opening line to the very last chord our guests were right there with us sharing and adding to the experience. 

Being that close to the audience really allowed us to focus in and bond with them. It allowed us to experience how amazing giving to the audience can be. We were able to not only give them our absolute best, but actually FEEL how they responded. 

It is a truly rare and wonderful experience to connect with an audience like that. It will stay with all of us as we continue as a chorus on our way to Vegas. Remembering how that feels will allow us to connect on stage. That connection makes each and every thing we do as a chorus easier and helps us make more of an impact on our audience. 

As we continue on our road to Vegas and our journey through life together as sisters in song we will take that feeling with us. We want to thank each and every person who came to our show and look forward to singing again sometime for you, our friends.