Coaching with Ryan H

Two weeks ago Houston Horizon Chorus took another great step on our journey to Vegas. We had an amazing opportunity to grow and learn when the wonderful Ryan Heller came to visit for a coaching session. From the moment we gathered on the risers for our first warm ups to the final note of rehearsal you could feel the focus and unified determination in the room. 

Ryan took that feeling and determination and used his incredible knowledge and skill to take us to a level of performance a chorus can usually only strive for. And then he taught us how to do it at will. He showed us how the smallest nuances of technique combine with our passion to make each note draw in the crowd and every chord ring.

As amazing as each technique and skill Ryan had to teach us was, the most meaningful thing he said to us was a simple reminder. What we do is art. We do it for the love of the art. Our art is about giving everything to the audience. Ryan reminded us that no matter how focused, no matter how technically perfect you cannot succeed until you set that all aside to embrace the audience and the art.

Houston Horizon Chorus will continue to strive to implement each and every lesson Ryan had to teach while striving to remember the art. We look forward to our next visit with him in August as we continue our journey to vegas!!