Regional Contest


We came, we sang, we Regional Contest this year!  The chorus arrived, like most of the competitors, at the Greenspoint Hilton, in time to watch our quartets, Mama Made Me Duet and Reunion Street, compete in the quartet contest.  Congratulations to Mama Made Me Duet on their 4th place finish!  We are so proud of you!!  On a much sadder note, after 20 years, our beloved Reunion Street has announced that they are retiring as Vicki Wyont is retiring and moving to Oklahoma.  They will be very much missed!  Our bow-out performance was much enjoyed by the crowd while we had a great time performing for the Region.  Congratulations to Essence, our new regional quartet champions and to the Woodlands Show Chorus as they became our new regional chorus champs!  All in all, a great weekend was had by all!!!